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About Elgin Escape

Elgin Escape is an online escape room company who create online escape room games. Our game, Murder Mansion, can be played by teams of 1-6 players on any internet connected device, comprising of solving clues, puzzles and brain teasers. The game can be played across multiple households using online communication tools like Facetime, Skype or Zoom.



Choose your team wisely to ensure you escape in time!


Set a time with your team members when you can all play together.


If you are in different households, set up a group call to collaborate as a team!


Send the access code to all your team to be able to join the game.


Use your combined knowledge to solve puzzles


There is no time limit so keep playing till you complete!

Escape Rooms

Murder Mansion

Murder Mansion - Play at Home Online Escape Room Game

The death of a young housemaid at Palmer mansion house was under suspicious circumstances. The local police department closed the case after spending a year trying to solve the mystery. Palmer mansion now stands boarded up and abandoned at the top of the hill and nobody dares to enter for the fear of what lies within. You as a new crime scene forensic detective have always had an interest in the case. Wishing to solve the case and make a good impression you decide to adventure into the building to investigate for yourself. Who knows what you may find hidden inside the mansion locally known as the "Murder Mansion".

The Bruce Project

Sector X: The Bruce Project

Brought to you by our friends at Escape Room Online, B.R.U.C.E is an experimental robot created by Benji in honour of his father, renowned scientist Dr Wilder Sr. Benji designed as a robot that can be controlled by the human mind. In order to ensure that the robot can sustain his father’s immense brainpower, Benji enlists teams of recruits from all over the world to remotely access the bot’s head and test its capacity. Now the final phase of testing begins. Will these magnificent minds work as a cohesive unit or will all of Benji’s work have been in vain…. It’s time to find out as you enter ‘The Holobox’. Please note this game only works using the Chrome browser on a PC or laptop.

Chernobyl Hotel

Chernobyl Hotel - Live Escape Room Game

Closed due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

It is May 1986, a month after the Chernobyl power plant accident. You are part of an organised crime gang and have been tipped off that there is a large amount of cash left in Chernobyl Hotel. Having done some research, you find that serial property tycoon John Nazar was in the town of Pripyat, staying in hotel room 168, for a business deal the weekend of the accident. He died in hospital days after the accident from radiation poisoning. Your gang has sneaked into the exclusion zone to retrieve the large sum of cash, and have 60 minutes to find the money and escape before the radiation overcomes you...


Murder Mansion is a set price of £8.00 per team for up to 6 players. Players can be across multiple households. The game can only be played once.

Frequently Asked Questions - Online Escape Room Game

You will need a reliable internet connection throughout the game. We recommend you use either a laptop or computer, but the game will also work on a phone or tablet. Pen and paper will also help you when working out puzzles throughout the game. The game will not work properly on a Smart TV or games console.

Yes, you can have up to 6 players in a game in multiple different households. We recommend you create a Skype/Facetime/Zoom call to communicate during the game.

There is a clue button you can use during the game to give you hints on how to solve the puzzle. When you have used all the clues, the clue button will reveal the answer. We recommend you only use the clues if you are really stuck. If you didn't understand a puzzle please feel free to get in contact and we can help!

The code does not have an expiry date, it can be purchased and played at any time. Once the game has been completed it cannot be played again.

Unlike a live escape room experience there is no time limit to complete this game, but feel free to set a timer before you begin and see how long it takes you!

The game can be played with 1-6 players. You can not have more than 6 players connected in one team.

Access codes are sent out instantly after purchase. If you have not recieved this email within 10 minutes, please check the email hasn't gone into your "Junk Mail" folder. If you haven't recieved your code please get in contact either through our Facebook Page or the form at the bottom of the page.


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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